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What Is AI?

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A conversation between Brett and Michael 

As a company primarily focused on integrating AI into different businesses, we get asked this question quite often! And it goes without saying that it needs to be understood in the shortest, sweetest and most concise way, possible.

So, in keeping with Brett’s short and sweet definition: AI, simply put, is… wait for it… Artificial Intelligence.

And that’s all, folks!

Ok, Brett’s bad jokes aside, AI can be defined in many different ways, and while many carry the misconception that it is based around robotics – this is only somewhat true. While it functions at a much greater level with far more to offer businesses and society at large, it certainly helps give it the clarity that it deserves.

So in doing just that,’s Brett St Clair and Michael Cowen chatted about What AI is on one of their video chats. (see it below) 

Computers Replicating Human Intelligence 

St Clair defines AI as: “Trying to make a computer replicate the intelligence of a human… to get all the cognitive and human-like senses on a computer,” and although there are various components around this, it’s pretty much the sole purpose of this new technology, in a nutshell.

He goes on to further explain a number of the components that make up artificial intelligence, “the top 4 components are: Machine Learning (the ability to understand); Natural Language Processing (the ability to listen and speak back); Vision (the ability to see and recognise things); and Speech (the ability to communicate back to us in a way that makes sense),” and reminds us that there are other components, such as robotics, that aim to define exactly what AI entails – and that’s where the misconception stems from.

By understanding and implementing this, we’re able to make huge strides in our growth, development and efficiency as human-beings and all through the use of this revolutionary and life-changing technology.

Data is AI Fuel

In building on this definition, Cowen adds that “AI is simply taking each one of those different components, getting the big data that you have in your organisation, understanding the underlying patterns and getting specific outcomes out of that.”

From a business perspective, “you’ve got this algorithm running on huge amounts of data, giving you critical insights into how to run your business and giving you feedback and key insights that you need to drive your business growth,” says Cowen.

Multifaceted Greatness – The AI Leap 

AI is undoubtedly multifaceted, and it’s becoming more apparent that society can do great things by embracing it. Every day we become more than aware of its benefits and far-reaching effects – we see many businesses integrate and blend this technology into different ways of solving problems to bring about change in the way that our world functions.

Although it might evoke the imagery of hyper-intelligent robots or cyborgs that could take over the world one day, AI is far more intricate and valuable than that. Don’t be afraid to take the first step!

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